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Cool HND 2 T-Shirts

19 December 2010

It's not exactly t-shirt weather, but our HND 2 students finished off the year by designing their annual review t-shirts. In what has become a bit of a tradition, these t-shirts display one thing they have learned or specialised in during the semester.

The standouts last year were Artur Pasiek's 'SWISS' and Hannah Bloomfield's designer black, featuring the CMYK rich black values 30 30 30 100.

This time around my favourites are Emma Hart's 'I Love Ampersands' and Gill McColl's 'Grid System'. Ideal Christmas presents - where can I buy one :)

hnd 2 t shirts

Rachel is a One Hour Winner

17 December 2010

HND Year 2 student Rachel Patrick has won the London Design Festival's one hour typography competition. The LDF asked designers to select a quote from a list of 80 quotes on design, and create a typographical poster in just one hour.

After a huge response in entries, the LDF's William Shaw and Richard Wolfströme, designer and Board member of the International Society of Typographic Designers, chose five winners.

Rachel took American designer Joe Sparano's quote 'Good design is obvious, great design is transparent', and came up with this -

You can see the other winning entries and the judges' comments at www.londondesignfestival.com, and you can check out Rachel's portfolio on her new website www.bypatch.co.uk

14 Weeks Review Visuals

16 December 2010

Examples of Jonathan Walton's winning entry for '14 Weeks and Counting'.

Jonathan's campaign, entitled 'Installing Designer...', uses clever wordplay and an instantly recognisable digital dialogue message to create a humorous and effective concept that obviously appealed to the target audience.






Rescheduled Review!

15 December 2010

Congratulations to Jonathan Walton, who secured the bulk of votes from HND 2 to win our '14 Weeks and Counting' campaign.

Jonathan's concept of 'Installing Designer...' just edged out Jody Hogg's 'Discovering Concepts', closely followed by Alistair Kerr's 'Finding Yourself' and Michelle Becker's 'Design Recipe'.

Jonathan's work will be integrated into the final campaign visuals for the Review, which will now take place on Wed 12th January. Samples from all four students will be posted up later this week.

Showing Racism the Red Card, with Type

14 December 2010

Today we managed another nice get-together for the NC classes - this time in the Hub alongside HND 1, whose 'Show Racism the Red Card' video work was shown on the giant multiscreen.

All the submissions were strong, and we have a great chance of following up Ross Duncan's win last year with another award.

Two real standout submissions came from Jordan Porteous and Sarah Tucker. Jordan opted for a dynamic typography animation and an inventive poster -

Sarah also went with a typographical solution. Inspired by Stefan Sagmeister, and with a little help from her friends, she produced this remarkable video and its accompanying poster work -

NC Project Assessment

13 December 2010

It doesn't happen very often, but four of the Design Tutors got together with both NC classes to assess the final NC project for 2010 - the campaign for our rescheduled '14 Weeks and Counting' Review.

After a short crit, both classes mounted and exhibited their work and were give the opportunity to vote on a winning submission.

Later this week, HND 1 and HND 2 will get their chance to vote on the work, and a final winner will be announced on Wednesday. The winning work will be integrated into the print media campaign and the website at www.etcshow.net.

The winning submission after the first round of votes is Jody Hogg for her 'Discovering Concepts' idea, which featured a dazzling 4 X A3 skyscraper banner. Well done!

Once the HN votes are, in we'll post some of the submissions in the gallery.

Grafik 187

9 December 2010

If any of you joined the Grafik mailing list following the magazine's demise in July 2010, you'll have received a nice email today - the full 100-page pdf of the unpublished final issue from June 2010.

As with all issues of Grafik, it's beautifully laid out and brilliantly typeset, with lots of great articles and some amazing work by many of today's leading graphic designers. Contents for issue 187 include a main feature on book design and a special report on fashion illustration.

The magazine is now under new ownership by the original editorial team, and will be re-launched in print and online in early 2011.

I've put a copy of the pdf in my tutorials drive.

Grafik 187

Schering Her Experience

7 December 2010

Despite the horrendous snow, today a number of our NC students managed to get in and work on their final project of the year, '14 Weeks and Counting' - the exhibition campaign for the HND end-of-year review.

To get them back into studio mode we watched this five minute interview with Paula Scher, which sums up much about what it means to be a graphic designer.

Scher talks about her student days, her relationship with clients, and her realisation that graphic design is all about solving problems.

Her trademark work features unusual typography and hand-drawn cartography. During the 1970's, she designed hundreds of record covers for CBS, most of which, she claims, taught her 'what bad is, and how it got that way'. She also famously claimed during those years that if a designer used Helvetica, they supported the Vietnam War.

Nowadays, Scher is a partner at the Pentagram Agency in New York.

Review Rescheduling

6 December 2010

With the ongoing weather problems, the Design Team has decided to reschedule the Review. It will take place early next block.

In the meantime, the NC students will still work on their campaign designs, and we'll vote on the winner towards the end of next week.

All Year 1 and 2 deadlines have been extended as well. If anyone has any work they want direction on please email myself or Helena with the pdf files. Hopefully the college will be open tomorrow. You can keep up-to-date with developments via Telford's twitter feed.

Talkspace 01

2 December 2010

Scotland's Design Agency of the Year for 2010, Whitespace, recently hosted Talkspace 01 - an event aimed at allowing local designers to share ideas and debate the current concerns of the industry.

Our HND students Adam MacDonald and Emma Hart went along and were really inspired by the community of practice and by the general vibes.

The inaugural event featured Mark Ecob, book designer and erstwhile art director at Canongate; Johanna Basford, a talented designer/illustrator; and Neil McGuire, from Glasgow agency AfterTheNews. All three talked about their work and their experiences of the industry, and chaired an informal Q & A afterwards.

You can check out the whole talk on vimeo here.

Johanna Basford
Mark Ecob

How To Hit The Ground Running

28 November 2010

One of our HND graduates from 2010, Tania Meiring, has just secured a job with Dorset-based agency CreativeByte.

Tania is now working in a small, talented team, and inside the first week has already produced her first pieces - packaging visuals for Linsar LED Televisions.

As Creativebyte point out on their website, they are a relaxed bunch, but that doesn't mean that they don't expect a new designer to hit the ground running. In Tania's case that's not been a problem.

All images courtesy of CreativeByte.

14 Weeks And Counting...

25 November 2010

Our HND students are almost 14 weeks into the course that could change their lives. The Design Team is organising a repeat of last year's successful Christmas Review, showcasing the work produced so far at HND level.

As well as learners and tutors, industry mentors and graduates will be coming along to see the work, and it will be a great opportunity for the students to congratulate themselves and to reflect on how far they have come since first starting the Visual Communication course.

This year our NC classes, inspired by the success of Not Another Student Show, are designing a branding campaign for the event. Submissions will be presented on Monday 6th Dec and once a winner is announced, a set of promotional pieces will be produced and exhibited on the night.

As part of the campaign, the winning visuals will be integrated into our exhubition webspace at etcshow.net.

Everything Is Made

23 November 2010

Everything is Made
A nice surprise in the post today - three copies of the world's most prestigious annual for creative professionals - 'Everything is Made', the 2010 D&AD Annual.

These limited edition members' versions are hardcover, 23.9 x 25.6 cm (9.4 x 10.1 in.), with a whopping 592 pages.

This year the annual was designed by Bob & Roberta Smith, whose trademark style is multi-coloured signs and unusual typography, painted onto a diverse range of materials.

The book features an audio recording from D&AD President Paul Brazier when you open up the front page, and a cover that folds out into a double-sided typographical poster, in a matte plastic finish.

Each chapter title is displayed in a handwritten typeface alongside an anagram of that title in a heavy weight of Helvetica. And of course the book contains a massive selection of the best advertising and design in the world.

We'll be putting a copy of 'Everything Is Made' in the LRC, and the remaining copies can be found in the Design Studio.




Los 33

18 November 2010

HND 1 have just finished a one day Guerilla project, set by one of our current mentors, Julie Diver, from the 39Steps Agency. The brief was to work in teams and design a film poster for a possible movie of the recent Chilean Miners ordeal.

Hollywood actor Brad Pitt is reported to be in race for screen rights to shoot the film, currently being called 'Los 33', hence the title of this project.

Selected posters:

Abbie and Nick - 'Esperanza' - 5 X A3.

Tomb Of The Free
Sarah and Jordan - Tomb of the Free, A3.

Mikey, Scott, Zia - '33' - A3

Kat & Terry - Dig Deeper - A3.

Learner Buddies

15 November 2010

2nd Year HND student Emma Hart has produced the branding for the 'Learner Buddy Project' - a new initiative at Edinburgh’s Telford College which will allow lecturers and students to exchange and share knowledge of evolving media technologies.

The idea is to select a team of four students based in learning street alcoves, equipped with data projectors and whiteboard technologies. These 'Learner Buddies' will lead sessions with lecturers to help facilitate and promote the use of new and interactive technologies in curriculum delivery.

Emma's concept used the strapline 'turning the tables' and the result is a nice hand-drawn logo that captures the informal exchange between student and peer.

Learner Buddies @ Edinburgh's Telford College

88% Iron Man

11 November 2010

HND 1 have just finished an MPA Roses brief 'Younique'. The task was to relate yourself to a hero is six steps.

One of the more unusual solutions came from Nic Cameron, who produced a 16-page comic book, drawn in Illustrator, documenting his relationship with the Marvel Superhero Iron Man. Here is a four-spread sampler -

Front and page1




More Inspiration!

10 November 2010

Big thanks to HND students Rachel Patrick and Emma Hart, who gave two really inspirational presentations of their recent CABE signage projects to my NC Creative Media class today.

The class have been given a live brief by PR Consultants ProScot, whose client National Grid Plc are looking for original signage and promotional material for the Forthquarter Land Regeneration project (of which the College Campus is a prime example).

Rachel's concept promoted Edinburgh's parks with a poster campaign and some inventive advertising in urban public spaces, whilst Emma opted for a clever call-to-action in a variety of print and web media with some striking typography.

Rachel Patrick - Green Space

Emma Hart - 101 Things To Do In The Park

CABE Gallery

Ross Reflects

8 November 2010

The SQA website features a nice interview with our HND student Ross Duncan, whose poster design won the 'Show Racism the Red Card' competition earlier this year.

Interiors Project

4 November 2010

Well done to HND 2, who presented their interiors project today to the Principal, Miles Dibsdall OBE.

The brief was to produce a set of concepts for a complete redesign of the signage and interiors for Edinburgh's Telford College. The students worked in pairs and all the projects featured great visuals and some really inventive creative concepts. The final pieces will be put on display in the Hub, where students and staff can vote on which works best.

As part of the presentation, design agency dsquared, who recently redesigned the College's Corporate ID, were also on hand to view the interiors work and offer some advice and feedback.

Check out some examples in the Gallery section.

Some Advice on Sketching

1 November 2010

Michael Beirut's Notebooks

Our NC groups are now three projects into their course, and are starting to get the message - a good sketchbook is the holy grail of the design process.

At any given time, there can between 40 and 50 sketchbooks lying around in the studio, and the Design Team is looking at digitising selections of all our HND student's sketchbooks. Currently, these documents of the inner workings of a designer's mind are lost to us once the class has graduated and left for pastures new.

Which reminds me of a nice article by the American designer and critic, Michael Beirut, on the importance of sketching, and why sketchbooks should be archived.

Beirut has archived 26 years' worth of his sketchbooks - 85 books so far and still counting. Looking back through them, he hits upon two revelations that shouldn't surprise many designers, and which offer up some good advice -

1) a lot of good design ideas originate at the very beginning of a project


2) a lot of ideas are 'so simple and dumb that a simple dumb drawing is all it takes to describe them'.

YCN Call for Entries

25 October 2010

YCN have just announced that their up-coming Student Awards programme will be launching online on Monday 1st November at http://awards.ycnonline.com/briefs.

Some Inspiration

24 October 2010

After the mid-semester break, both HND 1 and 2 are hard at work on a number of projects - HND 2 have an interiors brief, based around a signage re-development for the Telford campus, and HND 1 have a typeface design project and an MPA Roses brief.

On top of that, the 2011 D&AD briefs have just been announced, and Helena, David and I will be integrating them into the delivery over the next seven or eight weeks leading up to Christmas. And finally, we'll be gearing up for a modest end-of-year exhibition, with input for the Mentors, and a chance for the NC classes to exhibit their work as well.

All of which means that its time for some inspiration, so here are three great short TED talks by David Carson, Jaket Utko and Paula Scher on creativity, intuitive design, and the thrill of being hired to think for a living -

Gray Stuff

21 October 2010

Designing book covers is still probably the dream job for many graphic designers, and it's something we look at in detail on the HND course.

So it's great to see that Edinburgh's Talbot Rice Gallery is curating 'Gray Stuff - Designs for Books and Posters, 1952 – 2010' - an exhibition of Alasdair Gray's rather amazing visual works.

Gray is a former student at Glasgow School of Art. But despite his artistic talents, he found fame as a novelist, and at 75, is considered Scotland's greatest living writer.

This exhibition showcases his unique illustrative and typographical style, which has appeared both on the covers of, and inside, his many acclaimed novels, such as Lanark (1981), 1982 Janine (1984) and Poor Things (1992). He has also designed book jackets and magazine covers for dozens of other writers and publications, and has painted a number of murals inside some major buildings in Glasgow.

Alasdair Gary seems to be finally getting the recognition he deserves for his visual art - his work is currently also on show at the Modern Art Gallery, and at the British Art Show (currently on tour in Nottingham). BBC2's Culture Show is featuring a special on Gray tonight at 7pm, and he has just published 'A Life in Pictures' - an autopictography featuring 50 years' worth of designs, sketches and illustrations.

Before the end of this semester we'll hopefully arrange a visit to Gray Stuff for some of the Graphics classes.

Alasdair Gray @wiki

HND 1 : Magazine Covers

14 October 2010

HND Year 1 have just finished a nice print project. This was set by David W and required the class to produce two covers and a doublepage spread for a world music magazine. Check out some of the great pieces this project produced in the Galleries section.

D&AD Beta

7 October 2010

D&AD have just announced the beta version of their new website. They've been talking about this site for over a year, so it's great to see it - here.

The archive, the President's Lectures, and some university network profiles are already in there. This is obviously not the finished article, and there is a lot of content still to be uploaded, but it does look nice.

I've also been given a sneak preview of the 2010/11 briefs - four of them to be exact - and the clients are Michelin, Oxfam, Taschen and Westfield. Unfortunately, we've been asked not to distribute these to students yet, so HND II will have to hang on until the formal release of the full list of briefs.

D&AD are touring and will be in Glasgow at some point. I'll be arranging to go to the event, and our nominated student reps Emma Hart (HND 2) and Terry Smith (HND 1) will also get the opportunity to come along.

CABE Presentations

Sample boards for CABE, HND II.

HND II presented their CABE projects earlier this week.

Mentors Graham Neish (Neish Design), Graeme Lewis (Nevis Agency) and Alan Lennon (Lennon Design) were in attendance and the class also participated in some interesting peer critique.

This was the first chance to test our new presenting easels, which David W purchased at the start of the semester. These allow a student to display up to four boards at any one time. In combination with digital content on the interactive whiteboard, this new setup looks like it will really broaden out pitches and solution deliveries.

CABE samples have been posted in the Gallery.

D&AD Awards 2011

25 September 2010

D&AD has announced that their programme for 2011 will launch on October 21. The team has supplied us with a full list of confirmed categories, and the deadlines for submitting entries -

Deadline 4 March (Upload)
Advertising, Animation, Book Design, Illustration, Integrated Advertising
Integrated Communication, Moving Image, Open Advertising 2, Packaging Design
Photography, Typography, What Else Do You Do?

Deadline 11 March (Physical)
Branding, Digital Design, Digital Direct, Environmental, Furniture Design
Interactive Design, Open Advertising, Open Graphic, Product Design.

If you’re wondering why there are different deadlines, the judges have requested more time with the work for certain categories.

For the March 4 deadline, any work receiving a single vote from a preliminary judging round will progress, and you'll then be required to submit the physical work.

D&AD have provided a later deadline for some of the bigger categories, which follow the standard physical entry process.

The Design Team will be integrating D&AD briefs into the delivery schedule from November onwards.

Swiss Style Doodles

24 September 2010

International Style Notes 1

International Style Notes 2

HND Year 1 are currently working through a number of Typography Units with David W and myself.

David has been concentrating on technicalities and layout, and set a great brief on controlling type, whilst I've been looking at the emergence of the 'International Style', and how it has influenced modern approaches to visual communciation.

Thanks to HND Year 1 student Nic Cameron who transcribed these great whiteboard notes during my lecture this week.

International Style Showcase (Smashing Magazine).
Joseph Muller-Brockmann Gallery @ Flckr.
International Typographic Style @ wiki

Learner Conference Logotype - Inspire!

17 September 2010

In between their Induction Brief and their first Mentor brief, HND Year 2 have just completed a short live brief for Edinburgh's Telford College.

The College are holding a Learner's Conference in November, and the brief was to create a logotype based around the Conference theme, 'inspire'. The class had to present their logo ideas, and then take some interim client feedback into a second round of development. The concepts were then whittled down to four examples, and the final idea was selected by letting College staff vote on the visuals.

Anita Wroblewska came out the winner with her funky hand motif and a casual script typeface. Anita will get £75 worth of artshop supplies, and of course we'll all see her work around the College in the near future.

HND Year 2 : Mentor Brief #1

8 September 2010

Cabespace Logotype

Blast of Trumpets! Helena has just given out HND Year 2 their first Mentor brief:

CABE (Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment) are looking for new visual communication that will raise the profile of public parks and inspire people to use them more.

CABE is the national champion for the Architecture and open spaces in England. Our role is to promote high-quality design by raising standards and expectations in all aspects of the built environment.

We are young, energetic and passionate about good design. CABE space was established in 2003 as a unit within CABE to focus on public urban space, and in particular parks and green spaces. Our aim is to bring excellence to the design maintenance and management of public spaces in our town and cities.

A recent example of a successful campaign was “What Would You Do With This Space?”, which encouraged young people to identify underused spaces in their towns and cities and to dream about what they could become. To find out more about the work of CABE visit our web site www.cabespace.org.uk.

Public Parks
Public parks are important for a variety of social, economic and environmental reasons. They are free spaces in which people from all walks of society are welcome. Parks provide a place to relax play, have fun, socialise, excercise, demonstrate and celebrate. If that wasn’t enough, they provide habitat for urban wildlife and contribute to the reduction of pollution.

We are looking for engaging, imaginative ways to raise the profile of public parks, to remind people why they are important and to encourage them to use parks more.

Target Audience
Parks are important to everybody. You can either generate a solution that aims to speak to a wide cross-section, or target a specific audience who you feel would benefit from such a message.

Creative requirements
You can create and submit anything you want in whichever media you choose. Your solution may take the form of a new identity for parks, improve signage, an advertising campaign, something web-based or all of the above!

There are no strict mandatories but you may wish to include the CABE space logo and website address if appropriate.

Another World Visit

3 September 2010

The Design Team has booked a visit to Edinburgh's Dean Gallery to see 'Another World' - a major exhibition of Dada and Surrealist work by the likes of Dali, Magritte, Miro, Ernst, Man Ray and Duchamp. Both HND 1 and HND 2 groups are booked in at 2pm on Thursday 9th Sept.

As well as a number of world-famous pieces, 'Another World' includes a series of display cases full of correspondance, brochures and manuscripts accompanying the exhibits.

This visit will be tied in with HND 1's first official project brief 'Emotional Resoponse' which Helena will be handing out at the start of next week. So bring your notebooks!

Another World - Dali, Magritte, Miro and the Surrealists@ The Dean Gallery, Edinburgh.

WOW Presentations

First Year HND student Nick Cameron presents his teams' wow project.

Year 1 and 2 HND groups presented their WOW induction projects today. The NC classes were invited along and the event was also filmed.

Each group had taken the 'WOW' factor concept and developed a visual presentation. The ideas included giant toys (dominoes, playing cards and a remote control Dalek), a set of WOW toiletries, an ad agency promotion and a number of inventive outdoor interactive installations.

The videos and presentations are all available for students to view in the Archive drive. I'll post some of the videos to the blog soon.

Video: 'Daily Wow' by Kay, Kinga, Stacey and Tadas.

Video: 'Client meets Designer' by Terry, Jonny, Ross and Paul.

Getting the WOW factor

30 August 2010

This year's College-wide induction theme is WOW - and the induction project for HND Visual Communication features a collaboration between Year 1 and Year 2.

Induction Brief : WOW
Design Studios are always trying to convince clients that their campaign idea or brief solution will have that ‘WOW’ factor.

Your team is required to explore the WOW factor in any area of visual communication, and produce a finished piece which has the WOW effect

You can choose any medium for this work - print, web, video, installation, 3D, mixed media, packaging and so on – but the result has to be WOW.

This is a team project, but research, ideas and planning should be documented individually in your WOW Booklet.
HND 1 will lead the research and concept.
HND 2 will lead with planning, art direction and resources.

Suggested Workflow:
Tuesday - ice-breakers, inspiration, brief, brainstorm and teams.
Wed - action plan, resources, initial concepts, development
Thurs – development, locations (optional)
Friday – finalise and present.

The finished WOW piece.
Your WOW Induction booklet.

Your team will present on Friday Sept 3rd

Designers of the Future@facebook

Year 2 HND Student Emma Hart has set up a facebook group for HND 1 and HND 2. She'll take on the responsibility of updating, monitoring and promoting the page, and of course everyone is free to write on the wall, upload photos and share information. This will hopefully turn into a great resource for both groups during their study and beyond.

WOW Induction Week

20 August 2010

With the new term kicking off on 30th August, the Design Team has been busy planning the delivery to NC and both HN Groups.

As part of this, we are looking at ways that we can improve and develop the Mentoring programme. The format may change slightly this time around, and much of this will be based on the feedback we received from the Mentors towards the end of last session. Helena will be holding an informal review and planning meeting with the Mentors on Wednesday 25th August.

For student induction week, Year 1 and Year 2 will be teaming up on a project which was pitched by Emma, Rachel and Ross back in June. The guys presented their WOW concept to a panel of tutors as well as the new Principal, Miles Dibsdall OBE. The idea has been integrated into the college prospectus for 2010/2011, and the theme has been adopted college-wide for the start of the new session.

During next week I'll post up details of the WOW briefs, as well as some news on resources and materials.


11 August 2010


It hasn't taken long for the first really interesting buzzword to emerge from the world of iPad.

I've just been checking out an iPad app called 'Flipboard', which allows you to compile your own customised magazine by grabbing content from social networks and selected newsfeeds.

The brainchild of former Apple iPhone engineer Evan Doll and entrepreneur Mike McCue, Flipboard takes normal RSS feeds and configures them as a newspaper layout, showing headlines, runners and ultimately the full story. Additionally, Flipboard displays Tweets about each article and allows you to add your own comments. You can also import Twitter lists.

As the term infers, navigation between sections of content is done by 'flipping', just like browsing through a magazine.

Flipboard has a set of nine pre-built curated “boards” which serve as your magazine sections. These are basically templates, but they can be customised.
By all accounts it's addictive and makes brilliant use of both Twitter and Facebook - a surefire way to ensure its popular takeup. Flipboard is free to download on the Flipboard website.

Check out Flipboard in action:

Notworking at the D&AD Awards

1 July 2010

Earlier this week, I attended the D&AD Student Awards Ceremony at Old Spitalfields Market, London, along with HND Graduate Artur Pasiek and Tutor David Wilson. Students and Tutors from as far away as Stockholm, San Francisco and Hong Kong attended the event.

It was a great way to end a hugely successful year for the Design Team. We had a place at the Body Shop table, accompanied by Body Shop's Design Director Scott Corbett, and the Brand Communciations winners - Maarten Nefkens, Menno Drontmann and their tutor Wim Michels - from Hallo Academy of Applied Creativity in Amsterdam.

For Artur, this was a chance to reap the benefits of his hard work. He already has a number of agency offers on the table, and now has the prospect of a two week placement with the Body Shop in London.

As well as awarding lots of well-deserved Yellow Pencils, the D&AD people provided some great hospitality. including a brilliant afterparty and BBQ which took place at The Vibe Bar and was organised by Notworking specialists, Glug.

David and Artur @ D&AD

We Love Design!

Artur and Chris celebrate @ D&AD Awards.

Artur does a bit of Notworking @ D&AD Awards.

Check out D&AD's official photos of the event on flickr.

D&AD Nominations Gallery
Glug Notworking / D&AD Awards

D&AD New Blood Gallery

16 June 2010

As a University Network Member, we've been given a course profile page on the D&AD website.

This is a new feature which D&AD have been working on to try and give all the network members a chance to showcase their students' work. It gets the design work out there in front of agencies and industry leaders and raises the profile of the schools and institutions involved.

The site has just gone live and Edinburgh's Telford College is one of the featured institutes - our online profile showcases HND 2's Graded Unit work.

D&AD New Blood Profiles

Final Exhibition Opening @ Dovecot

Not Another Student Show

A small selection of pictures from Thursday's Private View of the Final Exhibition.
The Dovecot is a great venue and the place was packed out. Well done to all the organisers and participants, this year has set a new benchmark in what we can achieve in terms of the quality of student work and the College's ability to show it off in style. More images soon...

D&AD In-Book Award Winner Artur Pasiek's exhibits.

Artur gets a Significant Achievement Award.

Hannah Bloomfield with her Portobello Proms work.

A great view of the exhibition.

Helena celebrates with Miles Dibsdall, the new Principal.