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D&AD Beta

7 October 2010

D&AD have just announced the beta version of their new website. They've been talking about this site for over a year, so it's great to see it - here.

The archive, the President's Lectures, and some university network profiles are already in there. This is obviously not the finished article, and there is a lot of content still to be uploaded, but it does look nice.

I've also been given a sneak preview of the 2010/11 briefs - four of them to be exact - and the clients are Michelin, Oxfam, Taschen and Westfield. Unfortunately, we've been asked not to distribute these to students yet, so HND II will have to hang on until the formal release of the full list of briefs.

D&AD are touring and will be in Glasgow at some point. I'll be arranging to go to the event, and our nominated student reps Emma Hart (HND 2) and Terry Smith (HND 1) will also get the opportunity to come along.