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Schering Her Experience

7 December 2010

Despite the horrendous snow, today a number of our NC students managed to get in and work on their final project of the year, '14 Weeks and Counting' - the exhibition campaign for the HND end-of-year review.

To get them back into studio mode we watched this five minute interview with Paula Scher, which sums up much about what it means to be a graphic designer.

Scher talks about her student days, her relationship with clients, and her realisation that graphic design is all about solving problems.

Her trademark work features unusual typography and hand-drawn cartography. During the 1970's, she designed hundreds of record covers for CBS, most of which, she claims, taught her 'what bad is, and how it got that way'. She also famously claimed during those years that if a designer used Helvetica, they supported the Vietnam War.

Nowadays, Scher is a partner at the Pentagram Agency in New York.