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Everything Is Made

23 November 2010

Everything is Made
A nice surprise in the post today - three copies of the world's most prestigious annual for creative professionals - 'Everything is Made', the 2010 D&AD Annual.

These limited edition members' versions are hardcover, 23.9 x 25.6 cm (9.4 x 10.1 in.), with a whopping 592 pages.

This year the annual was designed by Bob & Roberta Smith, whose trademark style is multi-coloured signs and unusual typography, painted onto a diverse range of materials.

The book features an audio recording from D&AD President Paul Brazier when you open up the front page, and a cover that folds out into a double-sided typographical poster, in a matte plastic finish.

Each chapter title is displayed in a handwritten typeface alongside an anagram of that title in a heavy weight of Helvetica. And of course the book contains a massive selection of the best advertising and design in the world.

We'll be putting a copy of 'Everything Is Made' in the LRC, and the remaining copies can be found in the Design Studio.