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Some Inspiration

24 October 2010

After the mid-semester break, both HND 1 and 2 are hard at work on a number of projects - HND 2 have an interiors brief, based around a signage re-development for the Telford campus, and HND 1 have a typeface design project and an MPA Roses brief.

On top of that, the 2011 D&AD briefs have just been announced, and Helena, David and I will be integrating them into the delivery over the next seven or eight weeks leading up to Christmas. And finally, we'll be gearing up for a modest end-of-year exhibition, with input for the Mentors, and a chance for the NC classes to exhibit their work as well.

All of which means that its time for some inspiration, so here are three great short TED talks by David Carson, Jaket Utko and Paula Scher on creativity, intuitive design, and the thrill of being hired to think for a living -