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Your Vote Counts

20 April 2010

The UK goes to the polls on May 6th, and as a warm-up for their final projects, our NC Graphics groups have been given a short election brief. Their task is to create a poster encouraging new voters to get involved in the democratic process and use their vote.

Some of the students are themselves the target audience, which adds an extra dimension to the call-to-action they have to produce. To make things even more interesting, HND Year 2 will be peer-assessing the work, and will pick a winner, who will receive a nice prize.

The winning poster and a selection of other notable submissions will go up on the blog in due course. A copy of the brief is in the tutorials drive, along with a selection of recent and classic political posters.

A3 poster, mounted on board.
Archived pdf file.

Friday 30th April.