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D&AD Awards 2011

25 September 2010

D&AD has announced that their programme for 2011 will launch on October 21. The team has supplied us with a full list of confirmed categories, and the deadlines for submitting entries -

Deadline 4 March (Upload)
Advertising, Animation, Book Design, Illustration, Integrated Advertising
Integrated Communication, Moving Image, Open Advertising 2, Packaging Design
Photography, Typography, What Else Do You Do?

Deadline 11 March (Physical)
Branding, Digital Design, Digital Direct, Environmental, Furniture Design
Interactive Design, Open Advertising, Open Graphic, Product Design.

If you’re wondering why there are different deadlines, the judges have requested more time with the work for certain categories.

For the March 4 deadline, any work receiving a single vote from a preliminary judging round will progress, and you'll then be required to submit the physical work.

D&AD have provided a later deadline for some of the bigger categories, which follow the standard physical entry process.

The Design Team will be integrating D&AD briefs into the delivery schedule from November onwards.

Swiss Style Doodles

24 September 2010

International Style Notes 1

International Style Notes 2

HND Year 1 are currently working through a number of Typography Units with David W and myself.

David has been concentrating on technicalities and layout, and set a great brief on controlling type, whilst I've been looking at the emergence of the 'International Style', and how it has influenced modern approaches to visual communciation.

Thanks to HND Year 1 student Nic Cameron who transcribed these great whiteboard notes during my lecture this week.

International Style Showcase (Smashing Magazine).
Joseph Muller-Brockmann Gallery @ Flckr.
International Typographic Style @ wiki

Learner Conference Logotype - Inspire!

17 September 2010

In between their Induction Brief and their first Mentor brief, HND Year 2 have just completed a short live brief for Edinburgh's Telford College.

The College are holding a Learner's Conference in November, and the brief was to create a logotype based around the Conference theme, 'inspire'. The class had to present their logo ideas, and then take some interim client feedback into a second round of development. The concepts were then whittled down to four examples, and the final idea was selected by letting College staff vote on the visuals.

Anita Wroblewska came out the winner with her funky hand motif and a casual script typeface. Anita will get £75 worth of artshop supplies, and of course we'll all see her work around the College in the near future.

HND Year 2 : Mentor Brief #1

8 September 2010

Cabespace Logotype

Blast of Trumpets! Helena has just given out HND Year 2 their first Mentor brief:

CABE (Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment) are looking for new visual communication that will raise the profile of public parks and inspire people to use them more.

CABE is the national champion for the Architecture and open spaces in England. Our role is to promote high-quality design by raising standards and expectations in all aspects of the built environment.

We are young, energetic and passionate about good design. CABE space was established in 2003 as a unit within CABE to focus on public urban space, and in particular parks and green spaces. Our aim is to bring excellence to the design maintenance and management of public spaces in our town and cities.

A recent example of a successful campaign was “What Would You Do With This Space?”, which encouraged young people to identify underused spaces in their towns and cities and to dream about what they could become. To find out more about the work of CABE visit our web site www.cabespace.org.uk.

Public Parks
Public parks are important for a variety of social, economic and environmental reasons. They are free spaces in which people from all walks of society are welcome. Parks provide a place to relax play, have fun, socialise, excercise, demonstrate and celebrate. If that wasn’t enough, they provide habitat for urban wildlife and contribute to the reduction of pollution.

We are looking for engaging, imaginative ways to raise the profile of public parks, to remind people why they are important and to encourage them to use parks more.

Target Audience
Parks are important to everybody. You can either generate a solution that aims to speak to a wide cross-section, or target a specific audience who you feel would benefit from such a message.

Creative requirements
You can create and submit anything you want in whichever media you choose. Your solution may take the form of a new identity for parks, improve signage, an advertising campaign, something web-based or all of the above!

There are no strict mandatories but you may wish to include the CABE space logo and website address if appropriate.

Another World Visit

3 September 2010

The Design Team has booked a visit to Edinburgh's Dean Gallery to see 'Another World' - a major exhibition of Dada and Surrealist work by the likes of Dali, Magritte, Miro, Ernst, Man Ray and Duchamp. Both HND 1 and HND 2 groups are booked in at 2pm on Thursday 9th Sept.

As well as a number of world-famous pieces, 'Another World' includes a series of display cases full of correspondance, brochures and manuscripts accompanying the exhibits.

This visit will be tied in with HND 1's first official project brief 'Emotional Resoponse' which Helena will be handing out at the start of next week. So bring your notebooks!

Another World - Dali, Magritte, Miro and the Surrealists@ The Dean Gallery, Edinburgh.

WOW Presentations

First Year HND student Nick Cameron presents his teams' wow project.

Year 1 and 2 HND groups presented their WOW induction projects today. The NC classes were invited along and the event was also filmed.

Each group had taken the 'WOW' factor concept and developed a visual presentation. The ideas included giant toys (dominoes, playing cards and a remote control Dalek), a set of WOW toiletries, an ad agency promotion and a number of inventive outdoor interactive installations.

The videos and presentations are all available for students to view in the Archive drive. I'll post some of the videos to the blog soon.

Video: 'Daily Wow' by Kay, Kinga, Stacey and Tadas.

Video: 'Client meets Designer' by Terry, Jonny, Ross and Paul.