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A Week On The Line

12 March 2012

3rd week of March 2012
Rufus Spiller, Creative Director at the Line Agency, has made us an offer we couldn't refuse. Tasked with setting a Mentor brief, Rufus suggested we split the HND2 class into two groups, each of which would then form a design agency for a week, with both agencies developing and pitching an idea to a real Line client.

The experiment kicks off on Monday 19th, when the groups, christened 'Octo' and 'Dynamic', will spend every day of the week, from 9 to 5, working on the project. Rufus will drop in each day and help establish agency roles, workflow and art direction. And to make both groups up to eight members, we've drafted in three students from HND1 as well.

Our remit as tutors will be to provide basic resources, including two rooms, Macs, interactive whiteboards, a pile of fresh A2 sketchbooks, and a fistful of marker pens. We won't be able to offer any art direction, and we won't see the product until the presentations on the Friday afternoon.

As part of the preparation for the project, we've enlisted the help of the NC groups, who worked on a one-day project today to come up with corporate identities for Octo and Dynamic. The successful designs will be selected by both agencies tomorrow.

Hopefully we'll also be able to announce the name of the client and the project brief shortly.

OCTO - Nic, Jonny, Abbie, Kat, Viktorjia, Terry, Nijal, Hussain*
DYNAMIC - Mikey, Tassia, Zia, Nootcha, Steven, Jordan, Jody*, Arron*