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Letts look inside Dynamic and Octo

21 March 2012

We are halfway through 'agency week', with Dynamic and Octo, our two eight-person design agencies, working away in their teams to come up with a solution which they'll need to present to the client at the end of the week.

Creative Director Rufus Spiller, from the Line Agency, has been popping in each day for updates and to check the art direction and task allocation amongst the groups.

Its all happening at Octo
Its all happening at Octo.

The client is diary specialist Letts, who have commissioned a re-imagining of the print diary format, to provide an immersive, fresh and above all useful offline space in which to get organised for the year. Two members of each team visited Letts on Tuesday to see the production process and get some background information on the client, their products, and the marketplace.

Smooth operators Dynamic look relaxed.

There's no input allowed from the design team tutors, so we've had no direct access to the work-in-progress in either team, although both groups assure us that they have 'very solid concepts'. Everyone is clearly having a lot of fun thinking for a living. Roll on Friday!