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We love work that isn't work at all

25 July 2012

Here's an inspiring event guaranteed to ease us into the new term. Multiply, one of our favourite Edinburgh agencies, will be hosting an exhibition of mixed media work, and we've just received our invite to the press preview night.

Entitled 'The Wee Small Hours', the exhibition runs from 24-26 August and covers a variety of disciplines such as drawings, sculpture, photography and hand-drawn typography. Sounds more like a degree show than an agency portfolio, and in a sense that's almost what it is.

Confused? Don't be - agencies do occasionally exhibit, but you're more likely to see the work in an historical context, in a museum for example - or as part of a festival in say London, Amsterdam or New York.

But what makes The Wee Small Hours really intriguing is that all the work curated at the show has been created 'outside the brief'. In other words, its not agency work at all, it's a group of professional creatives with no client, no account managers and no deadlines to work to - just their own ideas and the chance to indulge in a bit of creative freedom. It's also a great call-to-action for designers from other agencies to get involved in something fresh and extra-curricular.

Two of our former graduates Hannah Bloomfield and Paulina Leska-Meehan, who both work at Multiply, will be amongst those exhibiting, and there's more info on the event at the Wee Small Hours facebook page.

The Wee Small Hours Exhibition
24th - 26th August 2012
7pm – 11pm, 128 Pitt St, Edinburgh
(Press Preview is on 23rd August, 7pm-12am).