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That Summer Feeling

12 July 2012

Natural Selection Brewing officially launched their summer wheat beer 'Anorak' yesterday evening at well-known Edinburgh pub the Stockbridge Tap.

Abbie Macpherson

The branding and promotional campaign for the beer was designed by our HND graduate Abbie Macpherson, who took on the live brief for her final project.

Abbie attended the launch along with design tutor David Wilson and a number of our other graduates who clearly couldn't say no to a good beer or two. The brewers behind Anorak are a team from Heriot Watt University, who conceived the beer as a summertime drink, with a refreshing taste and 4.8% strength. The beer, which also has a London launch on July 16th, has had some great reviews and will hopefully be a big success.

Abbie originally exhibited the finished design at our end-of-year show at the Dovecot, back in June. She worked closely with the Anorak team throughout the project. They were looking for a breezy, fresh feel to attract their target audience of 18-35 yr olds, and Abbie's use of condensed sans serif typography, a fresh green livery, and some great rainy summer images, has captured the beer (and this summer) perfectly.

Abbie, a former D&AD InBook and YCN Commendation winner, has accepted an offer from Dundee DJCAD to enter third year where she'll complete her degree in Graphic Design.


Natural Selection Brewing/Anorak