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and HND Visual Communication at Edinburgh College

Induction Week

2 September 2011

The Design Team brought together all the graphics classes for this years' induction, and created a schedule of short ice-breaker events to get the groups working and thinking together in the studio.

HND1 and HND2 were involved in a speed-dating session followed by a one day team-based project, both of which were led by HND2 student Michael Kerr. The teams then presented the following day to both of our new NC Graphics + Digital Design groups.

Later in the week the NC groups got their chance to get involved by teaming up with HND students on a 60-minute Guerilla brief. The task was to promote plasticine to an older audience. In seven teams, comprising between 5 and 8 members, the students armed themselves with some A2, a fistful of marker pens, a sketchbook and a packet of plasticine.

Each team then pitched their concept - presenting and talking in the studio to around 50 students and two tutors. This was a great introduction to the design process for the NC students, and a chance for everyone to contribute and have some design fun.

The winning idea came from the 'Moldy' group, who were inspired by the recent Paris post-it wars, and presented their plasticine idea on a pane of glass. Awesome.

Three merit stars in the HND project feedback.

Michael Kerr and Abbie Macpherson lead the pub quiz.

Team 'Awkward Silence' pitch their plasticine concept.

Very well done to all. A fantastic achievement, and a great start to the 2011-2012 session.