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16 October 2009

With lots of activity on the Mentoring programme, and the HND 2nd Year work placements only a few months away, a number of students have been asking about job prospects for 2010, so it's worth looking back to the early spring to see how the experts were viewing employment prospects at that time.

Back in March, Design Week published an excellent article outlining the current trends in the Graphic Design employment situation. It also included a pdf file detailing average salaries for various job roles, both in London and across the rest of the UK.

Their research showed that there has been a drop in demand for print design, but a steady increase in the need for digital skills and and web-based knowledge.

Obviously its becoming ever-more important to develop good working practices with the digital processes that are delivered during lab sessions. But remember - you still need to be able to generate good ideas, and a quick glance at some of the recent vacancies in the likes of The Drum shows that both print and web-based roles are still out there.

Resources :
The Drum