The design courses blog for BA (Hons)
and HND Vis Comm at Edinburgh College

Showcase 2012

Final Projects - some sample work, with links to portfolios, articles and complete projects.

Steven Brown
Steven Brown, Re:Create. More at www.re-create.com

Nijal Munankarmi
Nijal Munankarmi, For Them.

Viktorija Kravcova
Viktorija Kravcova, Scottish Museums Federation.

Zia Vest
Zia Vest, Local Colour.

Nootcha Promyong
Nootcha Promyong, Doi Chaang.

Jonny Paterson
Jonny Paterson, Rich Tea Media.

Nic Cameron
Nic Cameron, Article 8. More info on Nic's project.

Jordan Porteous
Jordan Porteous, Sunscreen Festival.

Abbie Macpherson
Abbie Macpherson, Anorak Beer. More Anorak info

Kat Rebac
Kat Rebac, Elements. Kat's portfolio

Natassia Woodger
Tassia Woodger - Big Bus Tours. View all the work here

Terry Smith
Terry Smith : Scottish Museums Federation - View all

Michael Kerr
Michael Kerr, Nachos Fiesta. View all