The design courses blog for BA (Hons)
and HND Vis Comm at Edinburgh College

HND1 Graded Unit

Some examples of HND 1 work from their Graded Unit submissions.

A choice from four briefs were set -

1)Forthquarter - a live brief for National Grid for Edinburgh's Forthquarter.
2)IAMS - repackage IAMS Dogfood to a wider audience.
3)Rubbish - develop a magazine concept that challenges traditional print layouts.
4)Shoot the Bunny - a campaign to promote disposable batteries.

The full pieces of work will be exhibited in the Hub during the first week of June.

Abbie Macpherson - Shoot the Bunny

Tassia Woodger - IAMS

Scott Crookston - Rubbish

Terry Smith - Rubbish

Zia Vest - IAMS

Nijal Munanakarmi - Shoot the Bunny

Jordan Porteous - Rubbish

Sarah Tucker - Rubbish

Michael Kerr - Forthquarter

Jonny Paterson - IAMS