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One Week #4 : Cutty Sark

13 March 2014

Our fourth 'One Week' project kicks off next week, and today the students were handed out the brief by the client, the blended Scotch Whisky brand Cutty Sark.

This time around we've expanded the format to involve six design agencies who will act as mentors, hosts and creative collaborators - an original and ground-breaking experiment in design education. We've also appointed a design lead within each team, and they'll direct the projects and manage the agency liaison.

Cutty Sark's Global Brand Controller, Jason Craig, gave a detailed presentation in the studio, covering the history, brand development and target markets for the product. He proposed a very open brief - Cutty Sark are looking for fresh ideas to add momentum to their continuing market recovery from a historical low in terms of sales in 2009.  Mentors Charlie Bell and Walter Hamilton (Whitespace), Charlie Boyle (Multiply), and Graham Neish (Neish) also gave up their valuable time today to attend,  alongside Iain Lauder, who originally brought the project to the design team back in late 2013. Jason's presentation included this short promo detailing Cutty Sark's brand philosophy -

One Week kicks off on Monday 17th, with the teams allocated as follows:

1 : Lead - Calum Mackinnon, Mentor - Graham Neish (Neish)
2 : Lead - Andy Palfreyman, Mentor - Gregor Mathieson (Lewis)
3 : Lead - Ryan Allan, Mentors - Charlie Bell/Walter Hamilton (Whitespace)
4 : Lead - Isabel Alonzo, Mentor - Kirsten Murray (Family)
5 : Lead - Mark Phillips, Mentor - Charlie Boyle (Multiply)
6 : Lead - Jordan Pollock, Mentor - Jen Wood (RAPP)