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One Week Pitches

21 November 2013

Our 'One Week Agency' teams presented their work in the studio today to the client, SAMH. Also in attendance were mentors Graham Neish, Alan Lennon and Veronica Ferguson. Each team pitched a great concept with plenty of ideas - some safe, some radical - and the client will now have to go away and make some tough decisions. Jo Anderson, SAMH's Director of External Affairs & Fundraising, said "We were blown away by the amount the students have achieved in a single week.  The pitches felt really professional, and the creative is really strong in all the solutions, so we've got a difficult task now to pick a winner".

Ahead of the selection, we've exhibited a small sample from each project down in the college Hub, and they look a little bit like this -

Team 1 : Mentor - Graham Neish (Neish)

Team 2 : Mentor - Alan Lennon (Lennon)

Team 3 : Mentor - Kirsten Murray (Family)

Team 4 : Mentors - Gill Carrie, Gregor Matheson (Lewis)

Team 5 : Mentor - Jen Wood (RAPP)

Team 6: Mentors - Ian Kirkby, Michael Heins (Lewis)

Once the client has made a decision, we'll post the full presentations, plus some nice photos (by our resident photographer Derek Anderson), documenting the week and the presentations. You can find out more about this project here.