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We Love Being Back

28 August 2012

Well done to all after a fantastic start to the new term for our design students. As well as the obligatory (and very loud) speed-dating ice-breaker, our HND2 year co-ordinated the handout and team allocations for the 'Lift Off' induction project, and the groups are working away on their concepts. Here are the four briefs the guys came up with:

1. Design an information system for a space probe introducing the human race to aliens.

2. Design an ad campaign for Travelodge’s new earth-orbiting space hotel.

3. Design the branding for a hypersonic airline flying London to New York in one hour.

4. Design packaging for a new range of organic astronaut food.

Teams will present their designs at 11am on Thursday 30th in the Studio, and the minimum deliverables will be a slideshow presentation plus two A3 boards. Can't wait.