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Katy's YCN commendation

15 June 2012

One of the many highlights of our end-of-year show is that YCN announce their commendation winners during the same week.

The awards list for 2011/2012 appeared today, and one of our Graphic Design students, Katy Johnson, is amongst the winners. This is the sixth YCN Commendation in the past four years for our students.

Katy designed an outstanding response to the Marks & Spencer brief, packaging an M&S picnic for two. She has just finished the first year of her HND, and can now look forward a fantastic start to next year, with a trip to London in September to the YCN Awards Ceremony. Her work will also be showcased in the 2012 edition of the YCN Student Awards Annual.

Katy's YCN picnic 1

Katy's YCN picnic 3

Katy's YCN picnic 2

Katy's YCN picnic 4

Katy's YCN picnic 5

YCN winners 2011/2012
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