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Typography for the Web

2 December 2009

With more print-based designers now delivering for the web, one consequence has been a huge amount of interest in web typography.

What's true for print holds true for the web - the way in which typography is controlled and presented can dramatically improve or hinder the reader. And of course when it comes to the web, maintaining the users' interest (and site visiting time) is crucial.

More print-based ideas and techniques are transferring from page to screen, and a lot of it is down to CSS and standardisation across the major browsers. CSS now provides us with styles to mimic print techniques such as kerning, tracking, leading, justification, drop-caps and so on.

HND2 are now well into their Web Unit, and one area that we will look at in detail is typography for the web. As well as an unlimited supply of great online exercises and examples, there are some useful articles on the web, many written by successful designers and aimed at everyone from novices to experts.

Key reading on typography for the web:

Noupe.com - Contrast, Techniques and Best Practice.
3point7designs - 10 Examples of Beautiful CSS Typography and How They Did It.
Aisleone.net - 8 simple ways to improve web typography.
Typographic Design and Best Practices