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HND Graphic Design Industry Night @ Studio 128

28 May 2010

Image:Ian Millar.

Congratulations to all our HND Year 2 students, who wowed a select group from the Creative Industries last night at the Industry Night Show. The show took place at Paul Bock's Studio 128 and was a terrific success. Each student present a work-in-progress of their final project, and all received plenty of insightful and positive feedback from the creatives and professionals in attendance.

The Design Team, the Industry Mentors, and Year 2 students all wore red 'Not Another Student Show' t-shirts, and the HND Year 1 lent a hand and wore the black and white version. Edinburgh Telford's New Principal Miles Dibsdall also managed to come along and was impressed by the quality of the work and professionalism of the whole show.

The DRUM today features a short review and some photography by Ian Millar who captured the events of the evening. We'll put a gallery of imges up as soon as we have all the images.

Next up will be the Great Big Art Show, where out NC Graphics are exhibiting, and then the Final Exhibition, beginning 10 June at the Dovecot Gallery.