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HND Year 2 'Spirit'

20 January 2008

Outcomes from the following units will be integrated in this project:

DX2Y 35 Creative Project For Artists and Designers
DM2L 35 Working in The Creative Industries 2
DX35 36 Graphic Design Advanced
DX30 35 Design Production

Brief no.3 Spirit

A new newspaper has been launched to compete directly with the Sunday times. Spirit is aimed at a younger reader, aged between 25 and 40. The newspaper aims to provide a large number of magazines as supplements to cover a range of specialist subjects. Each supplement will include the paper name eg. Future spirit. You are pitching for the design of one of these supplements.

You are required to design a masthead that will work with your chosen subheadings.
You should also present 4 dps for the magazine. You can decide what the article/s are about.

Remember that the layout and visual quality for these pieces should meet the standard the target audience will expect from a Sunday Supplement.

Throughout this project you will be working alongside photographer, you will be required to brief and art direct them effectively. You will be assessed on this at the end of the project.

As part of this project we would like you to submit a schedule of work. You should submit this at on the 11th November.

For the final delivery, you must package your files for print and archive the original source images and the finished INDD’s and print-ready PDF’s.

Issues to consider

Exactly who is your target audience and how do you appeal to them?
What is important to them?
What are their likes and dislikes?
What other media do they use?
What papers/ magazines do they read already?
What style of photography is appropriate for the article(s)?
What technical and creative issues will you need to consider when art directing the various photo shoots?